10 Gigabit Ethernet FPGA boards...

We are looking at some research prototyping of IDS work. We are currently doing 1 Gbps prototyping on a current board, but are looking at 10 Gbps prototyping.

Are there any FPGA boards available with:

SRAM (a few MB minimum) A large FPGA

2 or more! 10 Gigabit ethernet interfaces.

As a bonus, 2 10-GigE plus a PCI slot would be ideal. We MIGHT be able to get away with a single 10 GigE interface, but that would be far, FAR from ideal.

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Our Broaddown4 product may be able to come close to you requirements when it launches early Q4.

John Adair Enterpoint Ltd. - Home of Broaddown2. The Ultimate Spartan3 Development Board.

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