Does anyone know the cheapest way to generate the 1.2V needed for spartan3. All the linear regs that say they go down to 1.2 have a vref that is 1.2 to 1.3V. All I can think is that the leakage on the adj pin when it is grounded makes some difference or that 1.2 is the marketing b*ll.


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Do you not believe that the linear regulators that supply sub-1.245V are producing the results you see in the data sheet graphs?

After a 12 second search, the $0.19 National LMS5258 is limited to 150mA (you didn't specify your current needs or your Spartan-3 size) but has full documentation on current versus voltage. You should be able to find many devices out there that fit your needs, whatever they may happen to be.

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Hi. I've used the ONSEMI's NCP565D2T to generate 1.2V for Spartan-3. It has the 0.9V Vref and costs $0.457. Good luck.

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