Tektronix 465B scope repair in Ireland or UK.

Greetings. I would appreciate a few recommendations for repair of Tektronix 465B 'scopes in Republic of Ireland or United Kingdom. I would consider a Refurbished for old exchange deal if anyone is supplying that service. TIA.

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^^^ [TIA: Transient Ischemic Attack ;-) I don't hope so.]

You might ask Mervyn:


1B Thompsons Yard Regent Parade Harrogate HG1 5BA 07788 922927 snipped-for-privacy@btinternet.com

Maybe he can help. Bought a refurbished 2465A recently from him. Have a look at his auctions at ebay, but I recommend asking him directly. He is very nice and always helpful.

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Josef Hartmut

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If none of the chips needed changing (which are very hard to obtain), I would consider doing it yourself because anyone who does this for a living might have to charge you quite a lot relative to the price of the scope.

You could try asking at Stewart of Reading

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Normally they only sell them, but I suspect they know someone who fixes their broken ones. Maybe it would cost more than they would sell you a replacement one for, in which case they might do some kind of trade-in.


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Chris Jones

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