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I have found a good deal for a tektronix 2756p analyzer. i haven't used though in the past this instrument. I would like to konw pros,con's for this instrument if somebody knows about it. Regarding an hp 8563 how does it compare ?. Is it completely analog ?. If so how long it takes to scan 20 khz @10hz RB. Any help would be appreciated



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Tucker Electronics has started putting up digitized catalog pages for some of the instruments they sell, which is kind of cool. You can read about the 2750 series here:

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Basically, it's a 494AP with a bigger front panel that's more amenable to rack-mounting. Otherwise 100% identical, inside and out. It (and the 494AP) are the highest-end analyzers in the 490 series, which makes them very good analyzers indeed... but they are not competitive with the HP 8563.

They are both high-quality instruments, but the HP 8563 will cost about twice as much (around $10K versus around $5-6K) and give you a 10- division screen with much higher-quality graphics, better sensitivity and up to 1 Hz resolution via an FFT back end. It's a generation ahead of Tek's 490/2750 series, so it's not exactly a fair comparison.

It won't. You need an FFT instrument for that; sweeping a 10 Hz analog filter across 20 kHz would probably take an hour, and the 490/2750 sweep speeds top out at 5 seconds/division. What's your intended application for that capability?

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