Rubber dome switches

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So I have to repair a Yamaha instrument that has its push switches worn out.  
The rubber dome switches are known as VE135700. Dimensions 10x10x4mm. About  
half of the 4mm height is the dome. I'm desparatly looking for replacements  
but no luck so far. I found one supplier but he only ships inside the States  
which is of no help as I am in Europe. Anyone has an idea where to find  
replacements? I looked at Farnell, Mouser, RS and other well known suppliers  
already but as I mentioned, no luck.

petrus bitbyter  

Re: Rubber dome switches
On Wed, 09 Apr 2014 20:23:05 +0200, petrus bitbyter wrote:

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Have you tried <>?

Their terms & conditions list:
"International shipping is available through a third party service Bongo."

Contacting them may work out for you?


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