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I intend to buy a new cheap CRO for low frequency work (<50kHz). It's first  
job will be to help me make a circuit that detects when the contact breakers  
open in a magneto - testing when a low resistance coil is shorted/not  
shorted. I'm not in the market for a high end instrument - in the past I've  
done all I want with a 20MHz CRT scope.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what make is reliable?


Re: Oscilloscope question
eatmorepies wrote:

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never had any problems with either Tektronix or Gould scopes, even the  
second hand ones. Although you may like to look at the USB scopes of  
PicoData and Data Translation as well (plugs into your PC).
Jack Ganssle has also published a review of these USB devices at  

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