Low cost High Performance USB RF Microwave Power Sensors

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Satori Technology's RF & Microwave Power Meters.
The ST series products are complete miniature RF & Microwave power
meters. Each sensor contains a controlling CPU that processes the
measurement results and operates the interface. All data and settings
are managed by your PC with our windows-based software.

Connecting a sensor directly to a PC is the most cost-effective
for high-precision power measurements, especially if a PC is already
used for data acquisition and evaluation. Moving the control and
measurement display away from the sensor and into the PC means you
save space and reduce cost.

Service technicians will appreciate this product since the power
sensor is only 1.7 x 1.350 x 5.2 inches (34x 43 x 132 mm) and can
easily be operated from a laptop. Cables and software are provided as

See the review by Jack Browne in Microwaves & RF at the following
See data sheets and specs:

There are now three frequency ranges:
12.4 GHz, 18.5GHz and 26.5 GHz

Comming soon:
PDA interface.

For information contact:
Tel: +44 (0) 1899 229258

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