Low Cost USB RF & Microwave CW Power Meters on Laptop or PC

  • High Performance! NOT High Cost o A replacement solution for conventional power meter and sensor. o Simple USB connectivity to laptop or PC. o Multiple sensors on same PC o Light weight and easy to use. o Good for all manufacturing and I&M needs o Robust construction with high reliability o No reference calibrator required. o Measurement range from -50dBm to +20dBm up to 26.5GHz. o Future products to 40GHz. o Currently comes in two frequency ranges, 12.4GHz and 18.5GHz. For more information see:
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This sure seems like spam. Maybe the way to stop this spam is to present a competitor's page every time you post this one.


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At least they don't spam.

And, no, I am in no way related to this other company, although I do know the owner.

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