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Hello All,

I have a couple of laser power supplies that I'm looking for info on.

Is this the place to ask for such?

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Brinkley Hassebrock
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If you can't find info at

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try alt.lasers

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Mike Harrison

Thanks for responding.

I've been interestest in lasers for 20+ years now. I've been reading at since 1998.

I've posted to alt.lasers and I've gotten no response. I figured those people are mostly into beams, cavity design, optics and such as that.

I've just been notified by USlaser corp that they have located and shipped a schematic for one of the units.

I'm Still looking for pinouts for jacks on a particular power supply. General Photonics model two-45/46-Q. Schematics would be nice. But a simple pinout for jacks J1, J7, J8, J10 will do.

Pictures are posted at

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Again thanks for responding.

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Brinkley Hassebrock

See how I trimmed out everything from the previous post that didn't relate to my response? See how I am pulling my response BELOW the previous post?

Follow suit. . . Have you considered asking the manufacturer?

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OK. Got that. I'm not trying to offend anyone.

Now why didn't I think of that?

Oh I did....

I did my homework before asking dumb questions.

Here's what I'm up against.

The company:

General Photonics Corporation

5228 Edison Avenue Chino, CA 91710

Is not the same General Photonics that made my power supply?

General Photonics Corp (the one that made my power supply) was sued by and lost to Patlex corp in 1982. Patlex held several patents relating laser technology. (These patents expired in November 2004.) The old General Photonics, after the law suit, changed hands at least twice and the remaining interest was bought by BICC General Cable, a communications cable manufacturer.

I have also written BICC and got no response. I think they are not interested in supporting laser products made so long ago.

So I was just hoping to catch someone who either had worked for the old General Photonics Corporation or had worked on some of their systems in this group. This group was labeled, so I thought, hey this power supply most definitely qualifies as a piece of scientific equipment.

So I was just fishing.

No need to flame me. Didn't mean to offend anyone.

But thanks for the reply just the same.

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Brinkley Hassebrock

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