House of Science, in Seattle - whee!

There was a thread a little while ago about where to find parts in Seattle, WA. Someone mentioned that Kevin, the guy who ran the surplus operation at Radar Electronic before it shut down, had started his own place.

I have just returned from visiting said place. It is "House of Science", and it's in between the Ballard and Fremont neighborhoods of Seattle. It's online at

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It's great! He's got 1000+ square feet, with racks and racks of stuff from the 1930's to yesterday, reasonably well organized and extremely low-priced. Some of the stuff is, well, let's just say I don't know what you're going to do with half a dozen vacuum-tube operational amplifier demonstration units from a university electronics lab. Some of it is ready to walk out the door, be plugged in, and solve exactly the problem you needed solved. It's the sort of place where you'd expect random jiggling of components on the shelves to eventually produce a fully operational Tesla coil, just by accident. All in all, I was impressed with the gold-to-junk ratio.

So, go visit, if you're in the area; and if not, watch for his eBay stuff. This is worth supporting!

Despite what it may seem from this glowing writeup, I have no relationship with the place other than being an enthusiastic customer. I'm just delighted to see a good surplus shop in Seattle again.


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