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Hey, I was over at House of Science here in Seattle yesterday, and reading between the lines it sounds like he's having a hard time making the rent...

So, if any of you folks are in the area and have been meaning to go visit, now might be the time. And if you were to buy something (he also sells online,

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that would probably be a good thing too.

House of Science is basically an electronics scrapyard. It's full of a lot of real junk, and a few gems, some rather rough. A lot of old tube test equipment, connectors, wire, motors and gears, transformers from tube gear, surplus components. Prices are generally very good. It's a fun place to visit, even if proves not to have been a solid business idea.

By the way, I have no affiliation other than being an occasional customer. But I do love having a surplus place around, so if he's forced to fold it'll be a sad day for me. There are so few places like this left.

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Walter Harley
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According to their web site, they already gave up on trying to make the rent.

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