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Hi all!

I'm looking for some info, preferably the user manual in .pdf form, for the Data I/O Gangpak. I'm specifically looking for the codes to get it to program 8 proms all the same, or 8 different proms from a combined memory file in one batch - I'm pretty sure it can do 8 different roms at once, because of some jotted down notes I got with the gangpak that seemed to suggest the result would be 8 different roms, but the instrucations on doing it were not clear.

I've already got the family/pinout list for it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Yours, Mark.

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Mark (UK)
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I think you just plug in as many eproms as you want to burn at a time. Give it a try with two blank Eproms....

John :-#)#

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John Robertson

no, its not that easy, this is why I sold my gangpak. you have to do it the hard way. without promlink, but with codes....

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Bentley Bear


Infact, doing identical roms is very easy, just use the code FF/FF and it autodetects the ROM IDs for you (if they have signatures). It's doing

8 different roms from one file that I'm interested in.

Yours, Mark.

Bentley Bear wrote:

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Mark (UK)

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