Why no Basic Stamp talk ?

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I am new to micros and have what may be a dumb question.

Why in a group like this does no one talk about Basic Stamps from
Parallax?  They seem very popular and easy to use.  I am trying to get
educated and inherited a HC11 from New Micros, an HC705, and a Basic
Stamp 2.  So far the Basic Stamp is the only one that makes sense.  Is
the Basic Stamp a beginner toy and not serious enough for doing any real
work ?  I don't claim to be a programming expert but know VB well, some
Java, enough C to be dangerous, and zero about assembly.

The typical projects I am interested in are:
    -temperature and pressure monitoring
    -strain gauge monitoring
    -incremental quadrature encoder interfacing (with LS7166)
    -maybe stepper motor interfacing.
To date these things have been done in VB, but a micro seems like a much
better solution in many cases.  Then if I need the info on a PC a simple
RS232 connection would suit me.

You insight would get helpful.

Thank you very much.

Re: Why no Basic Stamp talk ?

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They do, on occasion.  Perhaps more over in comp.robotics.misc.
Another to look at is sci.electronics.basic.  And discuss it, if
you want.

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There are lots of reasons to use them and to not use them.  I
think of them as a tool more for education or hobbyist work.
They might be used in some professional products where price
isn't an overriding worry (volumes are low.)

Of course, they can do real work -- even what might otherwise be
considered pretty fancy footwork.  A lot will depend on the
details, though.  For example, I'd imagine they could be used
quite well to write a closed-loop PID controller for a chicken
hatchery, where controlling the water temperature isn't such a
fast process.  But they might make a rather lousy quadrature
decoder for a computer mouse.

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Depending on speed and features you need, these may work just
fine.  I don't know if the right features exist for managing the
Dallas one-wire temperature sensors, for example.  Maybe so.

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Depends on rate, I think.

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Depends on the controller you use.  Would be perfectly fine
talking to a complete controller with RS-232, for example.
Probably not so fine with low-level ICs where feedback must be
monitored on sub-millisecond time scales.

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Go for it.


Re: Why no Basic Stamp talk ?
There is a special forum supported by Parallax. Go to the Parallax website
and subscribe there.


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