T-MOBILE for M2M with GPRS

This is a longshot but perhaps someone here has had the same problems.

I have an application that works fine on other networks, but on t-mobile no packets are ever received by the device.

We use UDP for communications, the device sends a packet and the server will reply. But the packet never replies. (although trying to connect to the device via TCP doesn't work either)

The customer care machine is hard to get through (although I have trouble tickets out there)

I am wondering if perhaps someone here can give any insight - do you need a special apn for that? Perhaps some range of ports is blocked? Maybe you need to ask for somehting special in the configuration of the sim?

Thanks for any help. Ralph

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Ralph Mason
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Are you connecting from the mobile device or to it? Are you using a APN with fixed or dynamic addresses? What ports do you use? Can you ping in both directions?

The default internet APNs often use firewalls, so connections only go from the mobile to the internet. Often it also is not possible to make connections between the mobiles.

You can always ask the operators to make a special APN for your application which connects directly to your server. That will probably be expensive.

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