What is this symbol trying to convey???

Apologies to Digikey for linking into their site, but I can't find the original.

This is a Sharp SSR. I bought some - they work fine. What is the symbol on the datasheet trying to say? Pin 5 is labeled G. Pins 6 and 8 are the switched terminals. I don't understand the parallel triacs and the line between 6 and 5. Anyone?

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There is a small opto triac (between 8 and 5) which triggers the larger triac (MT1/MT2 connected between 8 and 5, gate on 5). Pin 5 (gate of the main triac and MTx of the opto-triac) is handy because you can blow out the opto-triac merely by shorting it to 6 (with a substantial load). ;-)

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