What is Atmel AVR?

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What is the difference between the AVR series MCU and other standard MCU
from Atmel? What is so special about the AVR?

Re: What is Atmel AVR?

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look at atmel.com

Re: What is Atmel AVR?

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Nothing special. But AVR is their own 8 bit RISC architecture.Just take a
look at the description of the at90S8515.

But they also sell CPU's based on the 8051 (8 bit CISC - AT89) or ARM (32bit
RISC AT91). And there is a product line with 4 bit.



Re: What is Atmel AVR?

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Others have answered the "difference" question. WRT the "special"

- The instruction clock is 1:1 with the oscillator. Some other micros
require four oscillator cycles for each instruction clock cycle. Some
even require twelve.

- To go along with that, many frequently used instructions execute in a
single instruction cycle, which results in a relatively fast chip.

- The processor register bank consists of 32 8-bit registers. There is
some split in functionality (e.g., only registers 16 - 31 can use
"immediate" instructions, like a literal load).

- It's a Harvard architecture with linear addressing up to 64 KB for
both program and data address space. No banks or paging.

- In-system programmable with inexpensive (or even build-your-own)
serial programmers.

Rich Webb   Norfolk, VA

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