Using MPLab PICc-18 to test PIC18F4580

hi all

i am using mplab ide7.51 and PICC-18 compiler to compile a program fo PIC18F4580. if i compile i am facing the following probem.

Executing: "C:\HTSOFT\PIC18\BIN\PICC18.EXE" -C -E"sp3.cce" "sp3.c

-O"sp3.obj" -Zg9 -O -Q -MPLAB -18F4580

Error[000] : Unknown flag -18F4580

Halting build on first failure as requested.

BUILD FAILED: Wed Mar 19 14:56:37 2008

so i hope somebody will give me a good suggestion

Thank You all

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As it says -18F4580 is not a valid compiler flag. I think this should be -p=18F4580.

I just looked this up in the manual.

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The PICC-18 compiler version you have does not support the PIC18F4580. Looks like you need to get an update. Best regards, Spehro Pefhany

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Spehro Pefhany

This is better answered at the HTSoft Fourm. What Compiler Version?

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