MPLAB 5.70.40 is integrated with HI-TECH PICC compiler v8.02 PL1

I have integrated MPLAB 5.70.40 with HI-TECH PICC compiler v8.02 PL1 but failed.When I only compiled just a simple .c file,it appear this message:MPLAB is unable to find output file "DELAY.HEX". This may be due to a compile, assemble, or link process failure.Here is all I have done:

1.Click on the Option menu in the mehu bar, and select Environment setup,in this new dialog box,I have setted Default language suite to HI-TECH PICC. 2.Click on the Project menu in the menu bar,and select Install Language Tool,in here,I have setted the location of the compiler,assembler and linker of the HI-TECH compiler that I have installed.The executable for all three tools(compiler/assembler/linker) is setted to picc.exe. 3.I have added two environment variable showed below: HTC_ERR_FORMAT=Error[000] %f %l : %s HTC_WARN_FORMAT=Warning[000] %f %l : %s Even I have done above step,but it also not success. How to solve this problem?I am using MPLAB-ICD not MPLAB-ICD2,so please don't advise me to use MPLAB v6.xx. Any help will very appreciate!
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Bruce Sam
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I also had problems using fairly new versions of PICC with older versions of MPLAB. Like you, I wanted to use an ICD1. In the end, I was forced to give up. I now use the latest versions of MPLAB and PICC and I bought an ICD2. I would advise you to do the same, as it will save you a lot of time. I am almost certain that you cannot use your version 8 PICC with MPLAB 5.x Even if you get it to compile, you will have problems debugging.

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Ppelectron schrieb:

There is a workaraound for this problem. You can compile your project with MPLAB V6.xx and use MPLAB V5.xx with the ICD for debugging. Setting breakpoints in C sourcecode works in V5.xx.


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Markus Mandl

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