Using a PIC16F877A with MPLAB ICD

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I have a MPLAB ICD (not ICD2) and want to program a PIC16F877A. I'm
using an older version of the MPLAB IDE (v. 5.62.00) because the
latest doesn't seem to support the original ICD. However, in this
version of the IDE I can only choose PIC16F877, not 877A. Will it be
okay if I just choose the 877? It seems that the only differences are
that the 877A has two comparators and programs 4 words at a time
instead of 1, but other than that they are compatible. Also, is there
some way of using the original ICD in the latest IDE, or would it be
fine if I chose ICD2?

Thanks a lot,

Re: Using a PIC16F877A with MPLAB ICD
There is a firmware upgrade for the ICD; go to

to download the software.

Re: Using a PIC16F877A with MPLAB ICD
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As stated by another contributor there is a firmware update for the ICD that
permits the use of the 16F877A.  You still select 16F877 in MPLAB, but the
ICD detects which processor is actually being used.

MPLAB V6+ does not support the ICD1, so you (and I) are stuck with V5.

On a slightly separate but related note, what language are you using to
program the PIC?  I have used both the Knudsen Data CC5X and HT-soft PICC
lite C compilers and with both I find that source level debugging does not
work with MPLAB V5.62.00 or V5.70.40.  All is OK with V5.40 (which I use)
and I think V5.50.  The problem is that the debugger fails to keep track of
the source lines when single-stepping, and also I'm suspicious of the watch
window display.

Anyone else observed this?

Re: Using a PIC16F877A with MPLAB ICD
Thanks everyone for the responses. I'll download the firmware update.

Andrew: I'm programming in assembly, as I'm under the impression that
C compilers come at a price. It's for a university project, and we
have limited funding. I'm aware that Microchip has a compiler with a
one month (I think) trial period, but I'd need it for longer than
that. Do you know of any free compilers (like maybe the ones you have


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Re: Using a PIC16F877A with MPLAB ICD
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My university doesn't have much money either!

Free compilers:
Knudsen Data CC5X (no optimisation, code size limit 1K)
HT-soft PICC lite (code size limit 2K)
Neither has a time limit, but both have restricted code size, so it depend
on the size of your project.  I've never found it a problem for extended
classroom projects/assignments.  I guess if it for a major project it might
be a problem.  I think one or the other (I forget which) the limitation is
per module rather than total code size(??).  I've never really investigated
since code size has never been an issue for the type of work I/my students

Re: Using a PIC16F877A with MPLAB ICD (John) wrote in message
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use MPLAB 5.70.40 there is support for PIC16F87XA virsions and inside
is upgrade of the firmware
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Re: Using a PIC16F877A with MPLAB ICD
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But see my posting earlier in the thread about problems I have experienced
with V5.70.40.

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