USB Mouse enumeration issue

Hi All,

I am facing issues in enumerating USB mouse /Keyboard on my target hardware.

My hardware and OS details are as below:

Hardware Davinci (DM6446) OS WinCE 6.0

Problem description:

I have an internal hub IC on board. when i conenct mouse/KBD or mass storage on the downstream port of internal hub i dont see any issues and all devices work fine. Now i connect a self powered External hub to one of the down stram ports of the on board hub. when i try connecting a mouse/KBD to one of the downstream ports of the second hub i see that it fails to enumerate. i opbserve that the SET_ADDRESS command fails as the host doen not recieve any response from peripheral.

I donot face any issues in mass storage when it is connected to second level hub.

Also, i want to share another observation. If i coonect the external hub and than power on my board the mouse/KBD gets enumerated without i am not facing issues when the external hub was connected prior to boot up.

Please direct me if you have any clue or have faced similar issue ...

Thanks in advance , Anil

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