Unable to send data to host on UART1 in LPC2148

I am trying to send the data to UART1 in LP2148. Given below is the code.

But the data displayed is only some junk (mainly ???? is displayed). I am not able to makeout the problem.

The terminal software is configured at 9600 baud. pclk is 15 MHz.

Here is the code: #include //Includes LPC2148 register definitions

#define Fosc 12000000 #define Fcclk (Fosc * 5) #define Fcco (Fcclk * 4) #define Fpclk (Fcclk / 4)

#define UART_BPS 9600 //Set Baud Rate here

const unsigned char SEND_STRING[] = "Hello. This is a test programnSend any character from terminal to continuen";

const unsigned char SEND_STRING1[] = "Test Passedn";

void Init_UART1(void) //This function setups UART1 { unsigned int Baud16; U1LCR = 0x83; // DLAB = 1 Baud16 = (Fpclk / 16) / UART_BPS; U1DLM = Baud16 / 256; U1DLL = Baud16 % 256; U1LCR = 0x03; }

void UART1_SendByte(unsigned char data) //A function to send a byte on UART1

{ U1THR = data; while( (U1LSR&0x40)==0 ); }

void UART1_SendStr(const unsigned char *str) //A function to send a string on UART1

{ while(1) { if( *str == ' UART1_SendByte(*str++); } }

int main(void) { PINSEL0 = 0x00050000; // Enable UART1 Rx and Tx pins PINSEL1 = 0x00000000; PINSEL2 = 0x00000000;

Init_UART1(); UART1_SendStr(SEND_STRING); while((U1LSR&0x01)==0); UART1_SendStr(SEND_STRING1); while(1) {

} // return(0); }

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