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Hello to all

My Question is not related to a special hardware - more to the trace32 software I think... I am using a Lauterbach Trace32 debugger with my embedded system. I want to log a vaiable to get there content into a textfile stored on my PC. This is working but with one problem: The loging-file seems to be limited to 1023 characters. The variable I am logging is an array.... a big one (1024 char elements)... so it is not fully captured in the log-file. I can't find the way to increase the buffer or log-file size... Does anybody maybe know how??

Aditional information (I am using the following cmm script to do the job):

area.reset A000 D:\t32_var.log v.log %Hex.OFF %Ascii.on my_array area.close

Thank you very much. Steffen

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Have you asked Lauterbach?

Leo Havmøller.

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Leo Havmøller

Yes, but no answer yet :-/

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