TCP stack & ppp

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I have successfully compiled and programmed a pic18F452 on the
board using Microchips tcp stack. However, it has slip instead of ppp. I
found a minimal ppp implementation on the microchip web site (AN724) which
looks reasonable.

Here's the challenge:
I need to remove the slip code and replace it with ppp (This looks
reasonable straightforward.
I do not beleive the microchip stack can support a simultanesous ppp and
ethernet connections, simultaneously, from what I have gleaned from the
documents. I definately need both. I can live without 10Mbps performance on
the ethernet (0.5Mbps) would be fine.

Anyone tried this before, or know of a (free) stack that does this? I have
rubeen told about LWIP and uIP, but no experiences with either.

Ideas and suggestions are most welcome.


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