Suggestion on touch screen controller for 4-wire touch-panel

I'm using TSC2046 from TI, but I don't like it. The MCU must read a lot of samples (X and Y) to filter noise and false values. A lot of job and bus activity. It is command based.

TSC2006 could be a good alternative. It is "register-based", so it avoids a lot of job in MCU, after an initial configuration.

Do you know and suggest other good touch screen controllers, maybe from other manufacturers?

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Op Tue, 05 May 2015 12:50:39 +0200 schreef pozz :

I don't know enough about the hardware requirements and the costs to say whether it is 'good', but one customer used Microchip's AR1021. You can tune its behaviour via registers, including filtering and reporting rate. After some tuning, it performed well.

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