[Update] Voice activated program in C for MSP430 G2553 family

I wrote earlier this week in regards to requirement of a program that converts signals in analog to digital for the MSP43 G2553 to read.

I think I have a better approach to my problem...

I will be using the microphone to voice activate (as demo) the LED in port P1.6. This sounds really simple but I can't get the thing to complie.

Can someone write a quick program to see if I am doing it all wrong?

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Better than that - you post what won't compile and perhaps someone here will be able to work out why.


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Michael Kellett


#include #include #include

void main(void) { printf("Hello World!);

return 0; }


Bye Jack

Yoda of Borg am I! Assimilated shall you be! Futile resistance is, hmm?
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printf("hello, world");

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Don Y

On Thu, 07 May 2015 20:14:00 -0500 in comp.arch.embedded, "speedofsound1" wrote,

Look for the helpful message from the compiler saying *why* it won't compile.

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David Harmon

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