Some preliminary help for an FPGA selection

I refer to their access to the code of course, hence the quotation makrs. And it does not bother me at all for this project.

I am not sure many toolchains will be happy to work without internet access nowadays anyway (just my guess).


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s, LFD2NX-40. They call it Certus-NX. There are only two sizes and the la rger of the two at 39 kLUTs has the hard IP PCIe interface. It's only 1 la ne and one controller. It also has SGMII (not familiar with that) with 2x2 lanes maybe. DDR Memory is supported, LPDDR2, DDR3/3L.

to talk to a salesperson about the tools for this device. Don't know, I've never bothered with any of the fancy parts.

r code be "public"??? Or is this the thing where they want to have access to your code so they can analyze the quality of the tools?

f line and the files can be sequestered on a removable drive when you want to connect to the Internet.

Yeah, I expect it was their access you were talking about, but... You neve r know.

The only Internet access needed for Lattice tools to work is once a year to get the new license file and that can be done by sneaker net if you want.

I've had to work that way before (projects I can't talk about without havin g to kill you and I don't do wet ware). Then there is the Internet connect ion I have now going down rather often. We are supposed to soon be getting a new fiber link to the local tower that will solve a lot of our problems. Yea!

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