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  I've got an application where I'm turning a Sharp GP<gobbledegook> IR
range finder on for a short period of time, taking its reading and then
turning it off.  Though the spec sheets for these things say that the
output for the first reading is ready a maximum of 53.3ms after power up,
I'm not getting good readings.  Has anyone else experimented with these
guys and have any suggestions for power up and delay until reading their
output?  I know that I get good readings at 85ms, but not at 50ms, I've
not done a complete margin test yet.  Any comments out there?

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Re: Sharp analog ranger question
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I may be nitpicking, but 50ms < 53.3ms, so test it at 55ms before
complaining that it doesn't work :)

BTW, how accurate is your time measurement? When you say 50ms, is that
50 +/- 5%? Could it be you're really measuring, say, 47.5ms after

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