Selecting Inverter for LCD

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Hello all,

How does one go about selecting an inverter for LCD backlight?  I have a
Sharp LQ050Q5DR01 and don't know where to begin looking for one!!   On a
related topic,  where do I find the connector to build a cable to my SBC?


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Re: Selecting Inverter for LCD

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The referenced URL doesn't give any technical details but you might look
at the inverter at

to see if it meets specs. Note: this is probably surplus and "hobby
grade" (which is why I have the link  ;-). Or, just go to Digikey and
search on "inverter."

Cable? Who knows. Need a better source link.

Rich Webb   Norfolk, VA

Re: Selecting Inverter for LCD
Thanks for the info.  Here is a link to the datasheet for the LCD if it
helps  -

What I gather is that the inverter does not have to be specifically designed
for a particular LCD - is this right?  The display is so expensive (for a
hobbyist)  that I don't want to risk destroying anything.

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Re: Selecting Inverter for LCD
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The LCD datasheet specifies what you want in the inverter pretty succinctly,
on page 6. You would normally select the frequency (fL) to avoid
interference patterns with the display refresh, and tweak it to mitigate
radiated noise. FYI has some useful background reading
material on CCFL characteristics and inverter design issues.

By the way, pretty much the worst you could possibly do by using the "wrong"
inverter is shorten the backlight life. The CCFL tube is readily replaced
(it's not a manufacturer-supported process, of course, because the LCM is
sold as a monolithic module, but it's frequently done).

This LCD is *very* similar to an LCM we have used in a discontinued
commercial product. If you are in the U.S. I can send you a free inverter
(which is not guaranteed in any way, being a service part that's been in
storage for ~2 years) for your experiments. Email me your address if you
want one. The CCFL specs are very similar, but I can't positively guarantee
that they're the same, because the LCD specs we were using changed several
times over the production history.

-- Lewin A.R.W. Edwards ( /)
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