Recommendations for a QVGA LCD Display

I'm looking for a Transflective, Landscape, QVGA (320X240), TFT with Touch screen and LED backlight.

There are a number of displays that come close (Sharp LQ036Q1DA01 (no touchscreen), Torisan/Sanyo TM038QV-67A02A (no LED backlight), Sanyo TM035QV-67P06A/Sharp LQ035Q7DB02 (portrait mode only)), however, I cannot find one that matches all my requirements.

Can any one help ?

The display in the Garmin SteetPilot c330 GPS navigator

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looks ideal, however, I cannot find out who makes it (and cannot afford the $1000 to but one).

Thanks in advance...


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How many years will you want to buy this? Is it a one-off or a 10 year product? My comments apply to long life-cycle YMMV...

Stay away from Sharp. The question I learned to ask vendors is "have you ever cancelled a screen even though someone wanted to buy it?" Sharp failed that test on two different screens that we were using. The second one was cancelled before we even got the design into production. We spun one board to use a Tianma/Optrex (one of the few times I've found 2 manufacturers make drop-in replacemnet LCD) and the other product will probably get a Tianma.

Not a problem: Fujitsu makes various size touch screens. Superglue, double sticky tape, or whatever will mount it to the LCD panel. Also, many of the smaller venders offer the TS as an option.

I haven't looked at Sanyo, but if they chase the PC market, they are probably just as bad as Sharp.

Try Tianma, Optrex, Hantronix, Densitron, AZD, Microtips. They seem to serve embedded folks way better than Sharp (LCD) and 3M (for touch screens).

I hope so :-) Bob

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I'm looking for a Transflective, Landscape, QVGA (320X240), TFT wit




Dear si

I have SHARP LQ036Q1DA01, and I have a touch panel can assembly wit

it, however, I have provide that for my customer, If you still hav demand, maybe you can contact with me, m e-mail: (I come from Taiwan


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