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Has anyone used the SCIOPTA kernel and TCP/IP stack?  The pricing
looks fairly good (no royalties), but I'd appreciate any user
feeback.  The target system will be very similar to the Coldfire
5282EVB.  Our schedule is of course, tight.

I'm also condsidering Quadros and Netburner, but their pricing is
much higher - our immediate forecast for this inexpensive product
is only about 300 units, with potential for more.

Thanks for any help.


I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.

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SCIOPTA is a very new kernel based on (a carbon-copy) OSE Epsilon, see Download an evaluation copy and enjoy! OSE Epsilon is
proven since 1986 and worth the money.

Good luck!


Dear Filip,

I was struggling long if I ever should reply, but now I do:

First: I do work for Sciopta Systems, but tried to keep my postings
private though I often could have made more advertisement.

Do you still work for ENEA ?

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Right. But do you know anything about Epsilon ? So far I don't think:
1) Though the OSE API is quiete old, any Epsilon kernel is written
from scratch.
2) The Coldfire kernel is from 2001 and AFAIK it does not yet support
the 5282 !
=> See data sheet.

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Totally wrong. Sciopta was developed by the team (and I am the main
designer of the kernel) that did the maintenance for the OSE Epsilon
products from 1998 till 2003.
Sciopta was designed from scratch, but of course I used some
principles that were appealing to me:

pre-emptiv kernel : Is this an OSE invention ? No !
priority based scheduling: Is this an OSE invention ? No !
fixed buffer-size memory pools: Is this an OSE invention ? No !
direct message passing: Is this an OSE invention ? No !
timer processes: Is this an OSE invention ? No !
assembly written: Is this an OSE invention ? No !
transparent IPC over CPU boundaries: Is this an OSE invention ? No !

But these are the only 7 similarities between Sciopta and OSE Epsilon
(the only OSE kernel I know, and I know it by heart, I even gave
support to customers 1/2 year after leaving OSE ! ).
But these can be found all or parts of them in most operating systems.

No Epsilon code went into Sciopta ! (Maybe you post some
greek-code to prove me wrong :-)

I wonder, how you could compare Sciopta with Epsilon, without even
knowing Sciopta. AFAIK you did not see any line of code of Sciopta.
Do you even know any source line of Epsilon ?
I guess you did load our Technical Reference from ?

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See above comment. I don't know to which kernel you are referring, but
I myself wrote one OSE Epsilon kernel (the V850) and improved the ARM
kernel. A colleague wrote the Coldfire kernel.
And only because the API is quiete old  ( not necessarily good) does
not make a new port stable automatically.
But actually, the team that wrote Sciopta, did write stable Epsilon
kernels. Now what does this mean ?

One last comment: We never wanted to compete with OSE (Epsilon,Treat
or Delta) since we target a different price-level. But it is nice to
see that OSE fears us :-)

Do not email to, it's a spam-only account :-)
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Re: SCIOPTA ? (42Bastian Schick) wrote in message
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Yes I do and I agree it is sometimes a thin line between advertisment
and just wanting to provide information.

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I was referring to the architecture of the kernel more than the actual

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Ok, I was surprised that the reply for my statment that it was a
carbon-copy came so late. Good that you clear some things up. You must
however agree on that reading the description of Sciopta on your home
page makes people with an OSE background recognize themselves and
wonder. Maybe you should try to rewrite some parts of the description
and invent a SCIOPTA terminology.

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Ha ha, I will not... I do not think you had anything to win from that.
It is better to re-write.

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No, I have not seen a single line Epsilon nor Sciopta and I have just
downloaded the Brochure since the Technical Reference was by mail
only. As I mentioned above I more refer to the architecture, i.e.
Scheduling, Memory managment (pools), Message based, Error management
(centralized) etc. No, it is true OSE did not invent these concepts
but why construct another kernel so similar?

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This was info from my side (with a little bit of advertisment

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Well, welcome to the jungle...


NOTE: The above mentioned opinions do not necessary reflect the
opionions of my employer!

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