SAMM7 + Bootloader

Hi everybody,

I have 2 questions regarding AT91SAM7S64:

(1) Bootloader is the BL in some ROM-area or is it located in FLASH like in Atmel AVR controllers?

(2) Selfprogramming of flash is it possible to re-program (part of) the FLASH while some other part of the program is still running (something like continous readout of port pins with communication to a host)?

Thanks in advance, Herbert

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Herbert Demmel
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1) The SAM-BA code sits in ROM. When it initializes it copies itself to RAM and runs from there. 2) In Application Programming is supported. However, the WHOLE flash becomes unavailable while you erase (this is just the nature of the flash architecture) even if you are just erasing a single block, so you need to make sure any code you want to run during flash erase is in RAM. That includes any ISR's that may be needed.
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thank you very much for the information.


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Herbert Demmel

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