Atmel AT91RM9200 bootloader / cogcomp module CSB337

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Hi, Any experience here. I`m having a Cogcomp CSB337 with an Atmel
AT91RM9200.  The Cogcomp board ahs a pre installed bootloader, but I want to
use the
on chip bootloader/bootuploader.

Since there is a valid program in flash the on chip bootloader will run this
and there is now way to upload a new program.

Is there any way to force the on chip bootloader to upload a new program
into flash, while there is already some valid program ?

I`m thinking about disconnecting the chip select of the flash memory, so the
booruploader will start, but I assume there must be a better way.

Any suggestions ?


Re: Atmel AT91RM9200 bootloader / cogcomp module CSB337
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Hi Marcel

The BMS (PA31) pin is sampled at powerup to determine if the chip boots from
parallell flash or the internal bootloader. I suspect that the CSB337 has
PA31 tied low - thus booting from the parallel flash. (Looking at the specs
for the CSB337 - I see no dataflash, no EEProm, or 8-bit parallel flash -
therefore the on-chip bootloader would in all likelyhood not be used on this

If this is the case - then disabling the CS for the flash will have no
effect, except to make the board hang....

What you need to do is determine how they pull PA31 low - if you have the
schematic that should be easy - or maybe their tech support won't mind
telling you.

PA31 and PA30 are the TX and RX lines for the debug serial port. Again you
will have to find out if these signals are available, either as one of their
two standard serial ports, or in the GPIO header.

What you need to do is find the  PA31 siganl and pull it high - then you can
confirm that the on-chip bootloader is functioning if you received a series
of 'C' s out of the config port (115200 8N1) after powerup.

(a side note - if the AT91RM9200 are rev 1 chips there will be NO on chip
bootloader. Rev 2 chips should be marked with 58A07F in the bottom left


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