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Hi, would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for RS48 network training? Cant find anything online and need to rectify a intermittent fault on a relativly basic 485 over mm fibre setup. Any info on testing would be most welcomed, but please understand m existing knowledge is limited to say the least! Many thanks for any input


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RS485 is a wired network and not really anything to do with Fibres. There are a whole range of protocols that can use an RS485 network.

If you really were after a tutorial on fibre networks then:-

might be useful.

Of course, if you are wanting to link from RS485 to fibre then you will need to look for some form of gateway.

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Many thanks for the info, I will digest the link contents in due course. The system I have simply uses fibre and multi-protocol transcievers t replace vast lengths of copper. The system is functional but not 100%. Random intermittent loss of signal is occuring, and I need to clarif termination values and idealy compare scope readings. I understand this i not straight forward! Ive got a good scope but dont know if what im seein is correct, or if Im probing the correct points for that matter!

Many thanks again

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