Replace 68HC811E2 with 68HC711E9

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We want to replace the now obsolete MC68MC811E2FN2 chip with

Currently, with the 68HC811E2, we use:
   1) ICC11 comiler; setting is:
          set ICC11_LINKER_OPTS=-btext:0x8010.0xFFF0 -bdata:0x2000
-bbss:0x1800 -dinit_sp:0x2750
          @set ICC11_INCLUDE=d:\tools\hc11\compiler\ICC11\include
          @set ICC11_LIB=d:\tools\hc11\compiler\ICC11\lib
          icc11 -Wa-l -v -e -m -lfp -l x.c y.c z.c
   2) pcbug11 to download the code to 68HC811 on the board. setting is
         eeprom $f800 $ffff
        mm $1035 $00
        mm $103c $f5
        loads code

   3) EPROM burner to burn external EPROM.

My question is:
   what should we do while making the changes to 68HC711?
   Can you refer me to some websites talking about ICC11 or PCBUG11?
   The difference between 68HC811 and 68HC711 is one has 2k internal
EEPROM, one has 12K internal EPROM (OTP). Should I make some changes
corresponding when using ICC11 or PCBUG11?

Thanks in advance.


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