Recommendation on USB hub IC for USB memory stick

Hi guys,

I'm looking at ways to update our companies firmware out in the field (it will mostly be fpga code in .bit format). A USB memory stick would work nicely for this. Do any of you have any recommendations on a microcontroller that has a USB host core? Or what about USB-OTG?

The port would only use a memory stick, no HID devices, etc.



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Just be warned that the only testing these vendors do is "does it work with Windows?". I used to have a page bookmarked - I can't find it any more - that talked of horror stories with various mass-storage devices

- weird noncompliant behavior, and so on.

It's probably a much safer idea to pick a removable flash media standard, such as SD or CompactFlash, and interface directly to it.

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Hello Lewin,

Except that these media are more prone to damage in a rough industrial environment. A USB stick is quite tough, put the cap on and place it in the shirt pocket or tool box. Even if the cap is lost they can still be pretty reliable for a while.

For a real rough industrial environment I'd look into coin cell type memories. The only downside of those is that handling with gloves is next to impossible and they are so small that they easily become lost.

Regards, Joerg

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