Read values in RAM chip via computer

I need a tool where I read the values that exist on a RAM chip on an embedded circuit board.

I would prefer a simple expansion board where I can plug the ram chip in, then cable it to the embedded board. Plug serial / USB / or network cable (prefered) in, and read the values at any time.

Anyone recommend or know of a simple product like this? Thanks, Brian Smith

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Brian Smith
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The easy answer is no, nothing quite like that.

OTOH, assuming size, pinout and timing work, you could possibly find a battery-backed sram chip like STi makes, plug it into the circuit, get your values, unplug it, and read it out.

If you tell us what you're trying to do with a little more detail, we might be able to help you more.

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Jim Stewart

I think he is asking for the equivalent of a ROM emulator, although with the pinout of an SRAM. For this to work, it should be implemented using a Treu Dual Port SRAM.

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Ulf Samuelsson

I have a pinball machine with a motorola CPU and an old style socketed RAM chip. I want to be able to read the current state of the machine and items that are in memory. I haven't found out any other way to be able to get this information off the machine besides what I described. Any other thoughts?

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Brian Smith

Not quite what you want, but the Dataman S4 ...

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... is a useful tool.


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Could you put the main CPU into reset, hence tri-stating it's I/O lines, then make up something to read the data out of the SRAM?? or do you want to read it in real time??

If you can reset the CPU maybe you could make something up with a PIC to read the data back...

dual port SRAM ram would probably work well too, if you could find one similar, which could be wired to the system your using. mayabe make up "daughter board" that will connect to the existing SRAM socket and you can connect a PC onto.

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David Powell

Logic Analyzer?


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Wim Ton

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