Re: Embedded student cheater?

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I'm really glad you haven't done it Rob ...

Don't you all see that the initiator of the thread presents his own,
very subjective point of view ?

I come from Poland too and my son has just started his information
science studies. All I can say is: he and his colleagues work very hard,
help each other as far as they can, and yes - sometimes try to minimize
their efforts to get the lessons done, but I'm sure they act practically
like an average student from western countries.

Do you really think that Intel, Motorola and Delphi (car parts maker),
just to name a few, would move their software design centers to Poland
if it was populated by creatures like Mr. j ?

It's mere statistics ... one Mr. j per 1000 decent students.
It is sad fact that the communist regime spoiled a lot of souls - Mr. j
is a good example, but for the God's sake! DON'T GENERALIZE!

Would you claim that the USA is a land of terrorists because Timothy
McVeigh is an American ? ;-)

My very personal advice is: wait and see, than make your judgements.

Eastern Europe was 'sold' to Soviets by western leaders in Yalta, 1945.
For almost 45 years we've managed to survive reality that is for most
of you totally unknown. Now we want to re-join Europe to improve
our economy and democracy. And yes ... morality too.

All I ask you to do is not mixing one weird person with a nation, OK ?

Damn it! So many pathetic words! I would'nt suspect myself of being
such a patriot ;-)

Take care,


Re: Embedded student cheater?
Cass napisal(a):

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The funny part is that you, the West (US annd GB), are responsible for
the moral loss and the mess in the Central and Eastern Europe after
the WWII.

Pozdrowienia, Marcin E. Hamerla

"Every day I make the world a little bit worse."

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