avr-gcc memory size problem

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Hi there,

I'm using an ethernut board (atmega128 based) as http server compiling
the project with avr-gcc. My project reaches ap. 64kbytes, measured
with avr-size.
My problem is, that if I add more code, the executable seems
to be corrupted. Result is, that the code is crashing pretty
early. Reducing the code size in different functions solves the
It seems that I miss something to get full benefit of the 128kbytes
program memory of the atmega128 using avr-gcc!? I checked the gcc
options, but didn't found the solution for this strange behavior.

Has anyone out there any experience with "atmega128/gcc/>64k progs"?

...have fun...

Re: avr-gcc memory size problem
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Nope, but this may be of some help.



Re: avr-gcc memory size problem
I'm not sure but ATmega128 has 2bytes word. Maybe you have reached 64

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