Re: Do not use Cypress use philips.


I completely agree, when I need a screwdriver I go for Philips nearly every time.


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Well, I only partly agree. If the screw I want to use is philips I tend to use such a tool also. However if it's something else I guess a cypress would fit as badly and could even hurt the screw.

If I were to construct something new I would use torx instead. Much better.


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Leif Holmgren


Bob Pease recommends carrying a small straight-slot screwdriver if you only carry one, since for small screws that tool will work in either variety.

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Richard Henry

;-) while this post has been one of the most qualified reasoning so far for Phillips, against Cypress, just a friendly amendmend, the srewdriver guys use more "lls" in Phillips than the semiconductor ones.


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