Another convincing argument not to use micksoft

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Don't worry, there will no doubt be patches, hacks etc out to prevent this ridiculous system from doing its thing , just as there has been for years with overriding the stupid XP "activation" regime.

If you really need to use Win 7, and really need to install that update, then find suitable patches/hacks and use them, better to be safe than go through potential hassles with the thing "downgrading" itself right when you need it.

As stated in this article, being innocent / doing the right thing counts for little or nothing when it comes to the government or corporate world.

Meanwhile for now I will stick with XP, it works for everything I need, almost every bit of knowledge about it its well documented online. Im sure that the majority of software and hardware will be XP compatible for some time yet.

7 will be the same in time, if it doesn't end up like Vista, or doesn't sell well. (quite possible if substantial amounts of the population is broke)
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KB971033 doesn't show up as an upgrade on the MS site I checked. Is this blog a con?

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Bruce Varley

Did you read the release date ?

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atec 77

Until I see it, it is all FUD!!!

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