Programming Philips LPC90X

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Hi All,

I've been looking for an app note to describe a method of In System
Programming for these devices.

All I can find is a standalone programmer for them, but if I want to update
sopftware in the field is there a way to reprogram the flash?

Does anyone know of a way?


Re: Programming Philips LPC90X
pfitz schrieb:

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The data sheet mentions "ICP" (In Circuit Programming) as a
serial programming method without removing the chip from the board.
It also mentions that more details can be found in the chips User Manual.

When I looked for the 90x UMs some time ago, they were not yet
available for download. Maybe they are now; if not, contact
Philips directly or your local Philips distributor. Philips
Microcontrollers does a good support.

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Re: Programming Philips LPC90X
I just checked that out,

The Datasheet reads as follows

"In-Circuit Programming is performed without removing the microcontroller
from the system. The In-Circuit Programming facility consists of internal
hardware resources to facilitate remote programming of the P89LPC901/902/903
through a two-wire serial interface. The Philips In-Circuit Programming
facility has made in-circuit programming in an embedded application, using
commercially available programmers, possible with a minimum of additional
expense in components and circuit board area. The ICP function uses five
pins. Only a small connector needs to be available to interface your
application to a commercial programmer in order to use this feature.
Additional details may be found in the P89LPC901/902/903 User's Manual."

However when I went to the (now avqailable) User Manual this is all that is
said about In Circuit Programming.

"The P89LPC901/902/903 Flash memory provides in-circuit electrical erasure
and programming. The Flash can be read and written as bytes. On-chip erase
and write timing generation contribute to a user-friendly programming
interface. The cell is designed to optimize the erase and programming
mechanisms. The P89LPC901/902/903 uses VDD as the supply voltage to perform
the Program/Erase algorithms. Additionally, serial programming using
commercially available programmers provides a simple inteface to achieve
in-circuit programming.The P89LPC901/902/903 Flash reliably stores memory
contents after 100,000 erase and program cycles (typical)."

Even less info than the datasheet, I still don't know which five pins were
being referred to and which commercially available Programmer to use.

Has anyone else done this in the past?



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Re: Programming Philips LPC90X
These devices can be programmed using Flash Magic on a PC as long as you
have the ISP to ICP bridge. The bridge consists of a simple circuit and a
LPC932 with specific firmware to convert from ISP to ICP and vice versa.
Philips are apparently going to create an application note describing the
bridge and make the LPC932 firmware available for download. Currently ISP to
ICP bridges are available for sale from

ESAcademy -

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Re: Programming Philips LPC90X

Thanks for replying here, Basically I have the following two boards, "Keil
MCB900 Development board" which is the aforementioned ISP to ICP bridge
containg the LPC932 and firmware, I also have the "Philips PAB90x-1
Programming Adapter and Evaluation Boards for 8-pin LPC90x devices" which,
it seems to me only allows you to program the device in a socket on this
board. I am sending this board for manufacture today so all I really want to
know is what pins I need to bring to a hedaer for ICP and if any other pins
need to be pulled UP?DOWN for flash programming?


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Re: Programming Philips LPC90X
Just incase anyone was following this thread, I've managed to locate a
programming spec for this processor from a Distributor, can't seem to find
it on the net though.

If anyone wants it you can email me by removing SPAM from the email address.


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