problem with 89c51RD2 "SPI" !

Hi everyone, I have problem with serial perioheral interface SPI of 89c51rd2. It simply doesn't output anything. no clock no data! I had checked the system with atmel example code too. no effect:( The chip has a register for the SPI status and it shows collision even when I haven't send any data to the transmit register. It also shows inapprapriate level of /SS and /SS deasserted although I have connected the /SS pin to VCC. (SPATA: WCOL,SSERR,MODF =1) other configurations: SPCON: SPEN ,SSDIS ,MSTR , CPOL, CPHA = 1



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Meysam Peykanu
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I have the same problem, did you find any solutions since?

THX Levi

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It would help if you specified whose RD2 you are using ? More than one vendor makes RD2 with SPI - I know of SST and Atmel, there are probably more... Also check the errata ?


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Jim Granville

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