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I have a bunch of 16F84s and 16F84As and am trying to use them up. I've run into a problem in that I can't get them to work. It seems that they won't oscillate. I tried various ceramic resonators and crystals, but no joy.

I was able to program them successfully using version CCS's PCM ver.

3.059. Now that I have PCW v3.190 they won't work. Is there something haywire with PCW v3.190? I program 12C508As and 16F877As with it with no trouble.

Do I have to load my old PCM to get this to work? If I do, will it interfere with my new PCW version?

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The compiler version should not be a problem, UNLESS they had some bug with the configuration "fuses" being set wrong in the output file. Naturally, you should check the CCS website for any version issues. That being said, have you checked to make sure the configuration fuses are set right for what oscillator you are trying to use? Look in your project header file and make sure the option is correct for the type you are using. Also, are you trying to exceed the speed rating of the part you are using?


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