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Can anyone tell me if the additional markings on a Phillips
microcontroller after the main
part # have any influence on the operation of the part?

I have purchased some NOS identical Phillips P89C51RD2HBA parts that do
not work
as the original part they are replacing. While the part #'s on the chips
are identical the
second and third lines of markings are not.

Re: Phillips microcontroller help
Phillips says no. The secondary markings do not matter. The part must be
programmed and this is why they will not function.

Can someone tell me if these parts can be copied from one to the other like
using an Eprom programmer?

an Eprom programmer will not work but a device programmer might.

These parts can be programmed from a universal device programmer - you will
need see if the device programmer covers the P89C51RD2HBA.

The P89C51RD2HBA  may have the security bits locked - so you may not have
access read the data out and programm another.


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