Need someone to program timer function (AVR)

I am working on a project & have concluded that it's never going to get finished unless I get some assistance.

I need someone with considerable relevant experience, to program a timer function. Need it programmed in C (so that I can understand & modify it in the future). The device is an ATmega64 and I am using Imagecraft ICCAVR compiler.

Here's what I have in mind so far:

Function will be called by RTC or main program loop when the minute increments - returns "Setup".

512 day program is stored in consecutive eeprom locations - each day has a Schedule number (0-15) assigned to it. Example:

Starting Date = [# days since 1/0/2000]

Day Schedule# 1 3 2 3 3 3 4 3 5 3 6 2 7 2 8 5 9 3 etc.

The 16 schedules are also stored in eeprom. Each schedule has up to 16 events per day. Each event has a time and an associated "Setup" number.

Schedule Number 3 may look something like this: time Setup

0 (12:00 am), 3 360 (6:00 am), 1 480 (8:00 am), 12 840 (2:00 pm), 1 930 (3:30 pm), 12 1200 (8:00 pm), 3


12:00 AM Look up today's Schedule_Number & place in memory as Todays_Schedule_Number Evaluate for current "Setup" value return Setup

Each Minute: Evaluate time v. today's schedule & return "Setup"

This is as far as I have figured things so far. No doubt there are other issues to consider, which is why I am looking for someone who has already been there, who can do this efficiently and point out the things that I have not yet considered.

If interested, contact me at: scottk at or


Thanks, Scott Kelley

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Scott Kelley
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It didn't occur to you to ask in the imagecraft list ? They are very helpful there. Give them a try. Available at the imagecraft website.


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Rene Tschaggelar

What seems to be your problem ?

Heres a start. // #include #include #include

#pragma INTERRUPT timer0_comp_isr:11 void timer0_comp_isr(void) {

if( PORTB & 0x80; ) // toggle pb.7 at each interrupt PORTB = 0x00; else PORTB = 0x80; }

void timer0_init(void) { TCCR0 = 0x00; //stop counter 0 TCNT0 = 0x00; //start count

// OCR0 = 0x40; //set compare 64 counts = 4uS @ 16Mhz // TCCR0 = 0x09; //start timer 0 @ 16mHz / no prescaler

// OCR0 = 0x40; //set compare 64 counts = 32uS // TCCR0 = 0x0A; //start timer 0 @ 16Mhz / 8

// OCR0 = 0x40; //set compare 64 counts = 256uS // TCCR0 = 0x0B; //start timer 0 @ 16Mhz / 64

OCR0 = 0x3e; //set compare 62 counts = ~1000uS 992uSec // OCR0 = 0x1f; //set compare 31 counts = ~500uS 498uSec TCCR0 = 0x0C; //start timer 0 @ 16Mhz / 256

// OCR0 = 0x40; //set compare 64 counts = 1024uS // TCCR0 = 0x0C; //start timer 0 @ 16Mhz / 256

// OCR0 = 0x40; //set compare 64 counts = 4098uS // TCCR0 = 0x0D; //start timer 0 @ 16Mhz / 1024

} void port_init(void) { PORTA = 0xff; DDRA = 0x00; PORTB = 0x00; DDRB = 0xff; PORTC = 0xFF; DDRC = 0x00; PORTD = 0x00; DDRD = 0xff; } //UART initialisation // desired baud rate: 38400 // actual: baud rate: 38400 // char size: 8 bit // parity: Disabled

void uart_init(void) { UCSRB = 0x00; //disable while setting baud rate // UCSRA = 0x00; UBRRL = 25; //set baud rate lo 38400 UBRRH = 0x00; //set baud rate hi UCSRB = 0x18; UCSRC = (1

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I sent you an approach you might use, but received "This address no longer accepts mail." for the above mentioned email address. So I'll just post it, but without my phone number included.

Scott, I may have understood your requirements it doesn't look like it
would be too difficult to discuss, even over the phone.  I'm not so
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Jonathan Kirwan


in case that wasn't clear.

And this part:

should have been:

I incorrectly used the plural form of schedule in a couple of places. And some of the parentheses weren't exactly required, though not bad.

I also didn't mention various initializations that would be required. But there's no point about those, just yet, until the rest has settled down.

best of luck, Jon

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Jonathan Kirwan

Well, once again, Scott, I got the following message to my direct reply to your email. I'll just try calling you tomorrow, I suppose. You are the only case I've ever encountered with responses like this. I don't know, at all, why is mentioned, either. But there it is. Anyway, here is the bounce:

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following
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Jonathan Kirwan

I'm not looking for cash and I don't plan on doing much more than I have, except being available for some questions. I'm also local, perhaps a dozen miles away, so I can physically look him up if need be.

I wouldn't know. I have been away from the group for a while.




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Jonathan Kirwan

Jon did call me, and he can verify that I do indeed exist. Unfortunately, my ISP is not so sure. They implemented a new system this last weekend, and in the process, disconnected this email address for most of the weekend, and lost all email that had been sent there.

What sorts of inaccurate things did I claim?

The referenced post was to this group on 10/04/2005. It is titled "timer system - any thoughts?". You responded twice on 10/08/2005. It was because your response indicated that you were particularly knowledgable in this field that I emailed you personally, as you and others pointed out some things which made it clear to me that if I am going to get this functioning properly from the get-go, I need to find someone who really knows what he is doing. I also, as you surmise, emailed two others whose response to the same post indicated that they too had a good deal of applicable experience with this type of function.

That the money would flow, is certainly something that I would expect to discuss, and about which I would expect that you or anyone would require specific arrangements before starting work to minimize your risk.

Paul, if I were desparate, I wouldn't have gone out of my way to personally email you and the other people who had shown themselves to be most knowledgable re. the subject.

Scott Kelley

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Scott Kelley

I didn't forget, typically someone has a price that they think their efforts are worth & it becomes a question of whether I am convinced that what they bring to the table makes that price a good value, or whether we can reach some other sort of an agreement.

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Scott Kelley

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