MSP430, simulate reset (for a software bootstrap loader)

I cannot use the MSP430 ROM BSL, because the custom board, already in production, has a connector with the UARTs signals (not the hw BSL signals), and we cannot make hardware changes (it is a pity we cannot configure the hw BSL signals).

To run the my BSL I only modify the reset vector, set = 0xF000. So at reset the MSP430 starts my BSL. It waits a bit for a firmware upload at the UARTs, at the end it starts the firmware.

The problem is that my bootload has to work with a firmware, but the firmware doesn't know it is launched by my bootloader (and not by a normal cpu reset).

What do you think of this routine ?

void simulate_reset_and_run(void) // reset the MSP430 to start-up conditions and launch the firmware { // reset USARTs U0ME &= ~(UTXE0 + URXE0); UCTL0 = SWRST; U1ME &= ~(UTXE1 + URXE1); UCTL1 = SWRST;

// reset modified ports P2DIR= 0; P3DIR= 0; P3SEL= 0; P5DIR= 0;

// reset clock to POR/PUC - how to ?

// Init watchdog timer - it is safe ? WDTCTL= WDTPW;

// reset interrupts and their flags IE1= IE2= 0; IFG2= IFG1= 0;

// launch the firmware asm jump 0x1100 }

ciao, Massimo

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If the question is "How does one do a software reset?", a valid answer would be execute an instruction that results in an NMI. FCTL1 = 0 will accomplish that. Keep in mind it's not a power on reset (POR). IMO, it's a slight improvement over "jump 0x1100". I don't beleive there's a way to get the device to do a POR from SW.


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If a PUC is sufficient you can easily use the watchdog to do it. If not look at the user's guide: it gives POR-values for all registers.


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Jan-Hinnerk Dumjahn

You can cause a full reset with "WDTCTL = 0", giving the watchdog an invalid value. Whether that helps the O/P or not, I don't know, but it is certainly as clear a reset as a POR.

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David Brown

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