New and enhanced low cost C compilers

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Low Cost C Compilers

HI-TECH Software's C compilers are now available to support the ARM, dsPIC,
msp430, 8051, PIC 10 to 17, PIC 18 as well as many other popular 8/16/32 bit

Recent releases of these compilers have included significant enhancements to
aid development and debugging.
     ARM - includes a USB based JTAG interface with high level debug
    dsPIC - fully integrates with MPLAB
    msp430 - High level debugging with JTAG cables
    PIC-18 - Code & I/O simulation, integrates with MPLAB
    8051 - Code & I/O simulation

All these compilers include HI-TIDE a Windows integrated Development
Environment and are in the process of being upgraded to include C-WIZ. C-WIZ
is a wizard that simplifies the task of initialising and driving on chip
peripherals by automating the creation of code.
     msp-430 - C-WIZ available for all on-chip peripherals except LCD.
     8051 - C-WIZ supports the 8051 core I/O

If you would like a 30 day evaluation copy of any of these compilers, please
email us stating the CPU family.

The HI-TECH PICC Lite compiler is a freeware version of the
industrial-strength PICC compiler and supports the 12F629, 12F675, 16C84,
16F84, 16F84A, 16F627(A), 16F684 and 16F877(A) devices. Please email us if
you would like a copy.

These compilers are now available from our web shop. Visit it at

These compilers deliver unrivalled code density combined with excellent
reliability. Tightly tuned to the micro's architecture, they allows firmware
development in a fraction of the time, but without significantly greater use
of RAM or ROM than is required for conventional assembly language


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