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If you have hands on expereince on MPC555 then please continue reading else ...

I want to start experimenting with MPC 555. Can you recommend SW and HW tools for it?

SW: * C (and C++) compiler with proper IDE (Integrated Development Environment) * SW libraries allowing me to perform 1-Wire, I2C, SPI, RS232 comm interfaces * RTOS (optional) * Matlab interface (highly desirable)

HW: * Small embedded MPC555 board with min 2 UARTs * CAN interface * Ethernet interface (optional) * In circuit debugger support

Thank you

Miem Chan miemchan at yahoo com au

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The MPC555 has a PowerPC core. GNU GCC and binutils support the PowerPC. I'm not sure what a "proper" IDE is. Vim rules ;-)

RS232 communications libraries frequently come with RTOS, but the other "libraries" are less typical though not difficult if you know the hardware.

There are several free software RTOS including eCos and RTEMS which use the GNU GCC toolcahain.

I don't know what a Matlab "interface" is in this context.

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