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Hi, I've read that many of you have realized PCI card using FPGAs... I have to do something similar, but I hope simpler, for my thesis (I'm an university student): I have to realize a PCI core (but it should work as a target only device) that should transfer some data that is collected by the FPGA to an embedded processor, via the PCI bus... I "just" have to realize the PCI component for the FPGA as all the other stuff have already been done (and maybe connect the component to data acquisition logic) and the processor already has its own PCI controller (that acts as master and arbiter), so my question is: where should I start from?

I've read part of the PCI Local Bus Specification but I have some doubts about the addressing differences..

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GRLIB there is vhdl PCI core that can be used for your purpose


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Antti Lukats

What might help is to write the testbench first!!

Although this sounds odd, what results from this is not only will you have to fully understand the PCI target portion of the specification, it will also you in the planning of the datapath of your PCI target core.

It works for me!!

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Ben Popoola

I agree. Even commercial cores have free documentation and an evaluation model and testbench. For me step one is to make the core model run with it's own testbench on my simulator. Step two is to make the trial core play with the rest of my design in an HDL simulation. What better way to learn and understand the interface?

However, I realize that some designers prefer a download and go, trial and error process over hdl simulation. This doesn't work for me, but I don't doubt that works for some.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

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