Microcontroller with two I2C slave addresses?

Is anyone aware of a micro that has a hardware I2C slave implementation that can listen for two different I2C addresses simultaneously? (Not including the general call address...)

John W. Temples, III
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John Temples
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Philips micros equipped with I2C bit machines will do.

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Wil Taphoorn

Fujitsu MB9055A has 2 i2c ports.

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"CBarn24050" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news: snipped-for-privacy@mb-m16.aol.com...

So do some Atmel AVRs which have one TWI port (which is very simmilar to I2C) and one USI port (which can be configured to be an I2C - TWI slave as well).


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Roland Zitzke

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